Poem: In The End

In the end, you’ll walk away
Everybody does
You’ll see the hollow
Underneath the surface
A black hole that cannot be filled

Eventually, the veil will fade
The illusion of
Your perfect partner
Revealed to be a smokescreen
Those things you love, you’ll come to hate

Β© Natalie Mansfield


30 thoughts on “Poem: In The End

            1. The kind of excitement you write poems about πŸ˜€ I like the darker side of life, I guess. But most guys my age want to sit in front of the TV all night. Sweeping generalisation, but mostly true.

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              1. I’ve noticed that trend as well. I don’t get any of the kind of things I write about. That’s why I write about it. Because I crave it. I don’t understand how a guy could watch tv when he has a willing, needy woman in his life. I could go at it all night and still come home from work aching from need. But then, it appears I’m older than you…maybe?

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                  1. Oh…wow. I severely missed my guess. I’m 30. And no, I wish I was. I live out my needs through my writing. I’ve never had a partner who would do the things I wanted to do. And now its just me.

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