Short Story: In The Basement

It was the smallest of thuds, but it startled Julia from her sleep. She lay wide-eyed, completely still in the darkness, holding her breath. Her pounding heart seemed to rock the whole bed. She listened to the silence, waiting to hear the noise again. Nothing. She must have been dreaming. Julia finally let her lungs release the air they’d been holding and sank back down under the duvet.


She froze. There was no mistaking it this time, it was definitely a noise, and it was definitely coming from downstairs. She pulled herself slowly, silently, to the edge of the bed and let her bare feet rest on the carpet. Continue reading “Short Story: In The Basement”


Short Story: Unremembered

She stood still. Frozen. The unfamiliar surroundings swirled in front of her unblinking eyes.

“Please.” He startled her, and suddenly she remembered to breathe again.

She looked down at the middle-aged man lying on the floor. A vague recognition passed through her. She knew that face. Where did she know that face from?

“Please.” he pleaded again. Continue reading “Short Story: Unremembered”